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Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga


kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a science leveraging the technologies of mantra (sound), pranayama (breath), meditation, and kriya (sequence of exercises), to raise the kundalini energy up from where it is kept at the base of the spine, to the higher centers of the body. Raising this energy up gives the body energy, vitality, health, and can give the mind clarity, neutrality, and an experience of merging with the infinite. It's a practical form of yoga that delivers immediate results, and requires no prior experience.

Kundalini yoga is a technology works effective quickly, and visibly, and has amplified results when practiced in community. Kundalini yoga is for everyone- from children to seniors, from able bodied people and those with less able bodies, and for everyone in between. It is an inclusive, powerful, and transformational form of yoga.

What Alexandra loves about Kundalini yoga is that it aligns the mind body system to work for you rather than against you— it brings you out of fear state and into your infinite state of being from which you can then operate and maneuver in the world. It does for the mind-body system what oil changes and tune-ups do for your car. It helps the system run more fluidly so that you can direct your energy and operate in the world with clear intention, and more speed and agility. Kundalini yoga is exercise and conditioning for the entire system of bodies- from the physical to the emotional, mental, etheric and divine. It helps each of the chakras to spin powerfully so that all that doesn’t serve you will release itself from your system. All you have to do is show up and do the work. You needn’t worry about what is releasing, and changing. You don't “do” the yoga— the yoga “does” you.

The cannon of teachings is extensive, and Alexandra designs classes to serve groups of varying ages, abilities, and interests. Alexandra practices the ancient science of kundalini yoga in a playful, and sincere way.



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