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The work of Alexandra Ballensweig— exploring the space between method and mystery






Alexandra is a Reiki Master Teacher and Facilitator trained in the Usui Method. She teaches and practices Reiki with love, reverence, and the intention to engage each person’s inherent ability to heal and evolve from within.

Alexandra is intrigued by the intersection of the creative process and consciousness— the space between method and mystery. Professionally trained in industrial design, as a facilitator, Alexandra offers energy healing through a design-like lens, serving each person holistically— as a system within larger systems, all of which influence their well-being. Like design, energy healing is an intuitive practice and requires deep listening.

Alexandra maintains committed daily meditation and yoga practices to live, work, and serve creatively, spaciously, and with integrity.


Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique that was brought to the west by way of a Japanese lineage, though it originated in India and Tibet. Reiki is a hands-on or hands-hovering technique that leverages the life-force energy Ki, to rebalance the energy in the bodies. This rebalancing, and movement of energy  is known to alleviate stress, and anxiety, and create a sense of balance and ease in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.



For Individuals

Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session

Reiki works on the energetic level, so physical presence is not required for the session to be felt, or offer benefit. These sessions are offered remotely. I will touch in first on a brief call, and then follow with offering distance healing. 

Double Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session (Alexandra and Marta)

Receive a double dose of balancing, healing, loving energy, as I team-up with Marta Ulbricht, an incredible energy and sound healer, to offer you a unique remote reiki experience.

For Organizations

Introduction to Reiki and Guided Meditation

This session is an introduction to Reiki, and covers the benefits of working with the Reiki energy healing technique. I guide the group through the steps to offer self-reiki as a meditation so each participant leaves with an understanding of, and first hand experience with Reiki. The meditation will be tailored to meet the group’s experience, needs, and openness. No prior experience is required.

Individual Reiki Sessions

In addition to, or separate from a group Reiki circle, I offer up to 12, 10 minute individual Reiki healing sessions for employees. These mini Reiki-sessions offer individuals a chance to rebalance their energy, and reduce stress during the workday.

Attunements and Certifications

I offer Levels I-IV Reiki Attunements and Certifications in person, in Los Angeles and New York. I offer both private and small group sessions. To book, please select from the available courses being offered. Reach out if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Please contact me with any questions.

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My Reiki I attunement via Ali was incredibly special. The process was beautifully ritualized, and thorough, and I appreciated her attentive care in both teaching and practice. I now feel well equipped to practice Reiki by experiencing her healing power, knowledge and thoughtfulness.
— kara g
Ali will make you a believer. A believer in yourself, your energy within, and the energy all around you. With little experience in the holistic world, I decided to try Reiki with the expectation of nothing more than a soothing experience. I left the session with so much more — mystified by the sensations and thoughts that emerged during our short time together. I recommend Ali’s services to anyone and everyone. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.
— lauren o